Zs2 Media Group is a Paris-based media company and the parent company of:

  • Zs2 Creative
  • Zs2 Films
  • Zs2 TV
  • A Tough Business

Zs2 Creative

Conceptualizing and producing corporate communications for many of the World’s leading Fortune 500 companies.

(Dior Parfums, LVMH, IBM, McKinsey&Co)

Zs2 Films 

Bringing great stories to the World with original programming for television (Euroindie, The Dinosaur Hunters) and cinema.

(ME 262– The Pilots Speak, King Alfred The Great, The Church of the Lamb of God)

Zs2 TV

World class television production crews and services the leading international broadcasters

(BBC, NBC, CBS, National Geographic, TF1)

With experience in over 60 countries and with a client base which includes some of the world’s most recognized companies in the film, television, and corporate industries Scott Hillier continues to try and live up to his
self-imposed mantra,

‘Creation is great – but great is not good enough, let’s make it better’

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